Premium Travel Hand Soap Sheets

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    Your Favourite Hygiene Partner on the go with 80 sheets in a beautiful storage tin box. Comes in delightful fragrance options like Lavender, Jasmine and Rose

    1. PORTABLE TRAVEL SIZE: These light, small and portable hand soap sheets in a beautiful tin box easily fit in your purse, bags or pocket and are your perfect hygiene partner when you are on the move. Use in Public Washrooms, Homes or while doing outside activities to get clean hands and a clear mind.

    2. DELIGHTFUL FRAGRANCES: These premium hand soap sheets come in 3 fragrance options- Lavender, Jasmine and Rose

    3. BEAUTIFUL STORAGE BOX: The soap sheets come in a beautiful high quality tin storage box to add to the fun. Use the box for storage at home once the sheets are over.

    4. EASY TO USE: Place a hand soap sheet on your hands. Add water and rub hands to form a lather. Rinse, dry, and enjoy clean hands.

    5. MOISTURISING FORMULA: The hand soap sheets form a light lather that dissolves quickly and prevents dry hands. Naturally moisturizing and gentle to the skin while potent on the toughest of dirt and germs.

    6. SAFE & NOURISHING: The soap sheets are small in size yet huge in functionality. They can be used on all bodies, are suitable for all skin types and are Kids-friendly.

    7. 0% RESIDUE: These premium hand soap sheets dissolve completely and leave behind 0 residue for a zero waste planet.

    8ECO-FRIENDLY, BIODEGRADABLE AND ZERO WASTE: These hand soap sheets are 100% plastic free and biodegradable. An excellent planet saving alternative to hand sanitisers. Save money, space and planet.

    1. Pack of 1 (Rs 299) - 80 Sheets in a beautiful Storage Tin Box

    2. Pack of 2 - 80 Sheets Each in 2 beautiful storage tin boxes

    1. Place one soap sheet in your hand
    2. Add water and wash as usual
    3. Enjoy a moisturising handwash

    1. Biodegradable Sheets that fully dissolve without any residue or waste
    2. Beautiful reusable tin box
    3. 100% Plastic Free Packaging

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Kathyayini Reddy

    Haven't used them yet, but they smell amazing

    Lalita Shankar
    Soothing fragrance

    Jasmine has a very calming effect on the senses. Love it.

    Excellent and eco-friendly

    Loved it. Its small, portable, easy to carry and the best part? It melts completely without leaving any residue so its 100% eco-friendly and sustainable

    So handy and love the fragrance

    Excellent product. Dissolves well under water and keep hands soft with a lovely fragrance

    Anupam Banerjee

    This Product is very good. I would recommend all my friends and relatives to use these.

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