Smart Foaming Hand Wash - Starter Kit

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    Starter Kit
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    India's Smartest Handwash with a Forever Glass Bottle and Smart Refill Tablets. Just add one tablet in water to make a full bottle 250 ML Handwash

    • ECO-FRIENDLY FOAMING HANDWASH: Introducing Reflekt’s Smart Foaming Handwash with a beautiful & reusable Forever Frosted Glass Bottle and 4 Smart Refill Tablets. Each concentrated Smart Tablet dissolves in your own tap water to make 250 ML of foaming hand wash that last 30-45 days with frequent usage.

    • HOW IT WORKS: Simply fill the bottle with warm water, drop in a tablet and wait for 30 minutes to dissolve. Pump 2-3 times onto wet hands and enjoy a foaming, moisturising hand wash. Squeaky clean hands without the plastic
      waste and toxic chemicals. 4 Tablets make 250 ML X 4 = 1000 ML hand wash.

    • CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING: Reflekt Handwashes contain safe ingredients proven to wash away dirt and effectively cleanse your hands. Our luxurious foam is also highly moisturizing with a beautiful fragrance. No more dry feeling skin

    • SAVE MONEY, SPACE AND THE PLANET: Buy the Forever bottle once, refill forever with our Smart Tablets and your own tap water. Smart Tablet Refills cost as low as Rs 70 and each tablet makes 250 ML Foaming Handwash which easily lasts 30-45 days. Moreover, they are convenient to use and easy to store in bulk too. No more throwing away plastic bottles in landfills and oceans.

    • CLEAN INGREDIENTS & FAMILY FRIENDLY: Our Foaming Handwash contain safe and non-toxic ingredients and are safe for sensitive skin. No parabens and phthalates making it safe for adults and kids both.

    • DELIGHTFUL FRAGRANCES: Our starter kit comes with 2 Smart Refill Tablets each of delightful Lavender and Vanilla Coconut fragrances.

    • HIGH QUALITY FOREVER GLASS BOTTLE: Our beautiful Forever Frosted Glass Bottles are ultra-premium and add beauty to your washroom. They are made up of glass which is infinitely recyclable unlike single use plastic bottles which get sent to the landfills and oceans causing plastic pollution.
    • TRULY ECO FRIENDLY, ZERO WASTE AND SUSTAINABLE: Our Innovative products contain ZERO single use plastics and are toxin free. Our packaging is 100% eco-friendly too. Moreover, the products are vegan and cruelty free making it a truly sustainable and zero waste alternative to traditional handwashes.

    • LOWER GLOBAL WARMING CARBON EMISSIONS: Our compact products are easy and efficient to transport thereby reducing global warming CO2 emissions

    1. Starter Kit (Rs 599) - One Forever Glass Bottle + 4 Refill Tablets - 2 Lavender & 2 Vanilla Coco

    2. Starter Kit (Rs 999) - One Forever Glass Bottle + Tin Box + 10 Refill Tablets - 5 Lavender & 5 Vanilla Coco

    1. Fill the bottle with warm (not boiling) water up to the fill line
    2. Drop a tablet and wait for 30 minutes to dissolve
    3. Pump 2-3 times onto wet hands for a moisturising, foaming hand wash

    1. Forever ultra-premium Glass Bottle designed to last forever
    2. Smart Refill Tablets in biodegradable packaging
    3. 100% Plastic Free packaging made of waste paper
    4. Compact and lightweight to save Global Warming CO2 emissions

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Sofia Chand
    Love the initiative, could have had more fragrance

    The handwash lacks any fragrance. Also, it foams quite well but does not remove oil or grease from the hand easily.

    B Singh
    Completely Useless!

    The soap is completely and utterly useless! I followed the instructions and the hand soap was useless! It’s like using water! There’s no soapy sensation! So I put a second capsule in the same water and then at least there was some sort of soapy sensation! But even then it’s useless! I’m never ordering this product again!

    Kanwar Singh

    Absolutely love all of Reflekt's products and this one was no different. Thoughtfully crafted and easy on the environment as well as us :)

    Shraddha Patel

    It has less soap content.. Feels watery while washing.. Though the foam content is really good

    Dr Neha Dhaliwal

    I am so happy with the product that I’ll recommend it to all my family and friends.

    Why We Started

    Plastic was meant to last forever, but most of it is used only once. More than 85% of it enters our oceans and landfills, and has toxic effects on everyone. Reflekt's innovative products empower consumers to end plastic pollution from the comfort of their homes.

    We are
    Damaging Our Wildlife
    Polluting Our oceans and land
    Eating and Drinking Plastic