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Reflekt Sustainables Pvt Ltd operating under the brand “Reflekt” is a sustainable home care products company operating in the Indian market. We have started out with revolutionary and innovative products for home cleaning, laundry, handwashes and other accessories related to home care.The idea behind the brand “Reflekt” is to take a step back and reflect on the daily choices that we make and try to switch to alternatives that are better for us as well as for the environment. On an average a household generates 40-50 bottles of plastic waste out of which less than 10% gets recycled and the rest end up in landfills or oceans which badly affect the marine life. Plus the harmful chemicals used in our daily cleaning products cause many issues like skin irritation and in extreme cases it can cause cancer as well. We have formulated our products in such a way that if you switch to our brand you will not even generate a SINGLE bottle of plastic waste. Also, you will save money and be less exposed to harmful chemicals